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Photos Of Baby Rooms

photos of baby rooms

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photos of baby rooms - My First

My First Five Years - Nursery Room Edition : A Record of Early Childhood

My First Five Years - Nursery Room Edition : A Record of Early Childhood

For a parent, a baby book is near the top of the list of "must haves" for a new baby. It is one of those essential items packed for the trip to the hospital weeks before the baby arrives. All the special moments-the first smiles, the first words, the first steps-are lovingly recorded in its pages for posterity. In My First Five Years-Nursery Room Edition, those pages feature heartwarming photos of babies from Anne Geddes's new Nursery Room Collection of baby clothes. Adorable tots, decked out in pink, yellow, blue or white soft cotton, smile winningly, sleep soundly, and convey a love of children on every page.My First Five Years includes special details, like a tiny envelope to keep a lock of hair, height and weight charts to track growth through the years, and plenty of room to add your child's own photos and mementos. Completing a baby book is one of the great privileges of parenthood. A pleasure to look at even before it is filled, My First Five Years-Nursery Room Edition will become a treasured keepsake of a time that passes all too quickly.

The children's photographer, Anne Geddes, may be best known as "the one who does those cute pictures of the babies in the flowers." This build-your-own scrapbook features flower pictures, babies dressed as bumble bees, babies on pumpkins, babies, babies, and more babies. Geddes's babies are adorable without being too "cute" and the scrapbook itself is great fun to look at, whether or not you manage to get the photos pasted in, the locks of hair snipped, and the details (weight at six months, first tooth lost) entered.

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baby week 24 - nursery in the sun :)

baby week 24 - nursery in the sun :)

Yesterday the baby furniture arrived! :) It was very quick actually. About three weeks ago, we went to only one shop to see what they have, saw this small set and decided right away! :) the whole process was very painless and it wa sthe quickest decision we had ever taken as a couple :) being a parent must be all about efficiency ;-)

so, the set arrived yesterday and we were very excited to open the packages but had to go to work.. when I arrived home Alex had already unpacked and was assembling the changing table :) and this morning when we woke up, the first thing he said was he was going to assmble the crib :) I couldn't be happier :) I went to the kitchen to prepare us a nice breakfast with smoothies and wafles, by the time I was finished Alex was finished too! :)

After he left, I cleaned the room and put a couple of extra furniture such as an armchair and lamps :) It looked so beautiful that I spent perhaps half hour sitting in the chair and daydreaming :) the sun through the windows was reflecting perfectly on the yellow walls :) Dropje came by questioning me why I was sitting there and not on the sofa donwstairs.. she'll have to get used to seeing me in that room.. because I'll spend quite some time in there with the little one..

I'm very excited and can't wait to hold the baby in my arms :) a loving bond has already been established :)

Nursery August 1

Nursery August 1

Updated photos of the babies room. Finished the rocking chair the week of the shower. Rachel and her mom made the curtains and curtain toppers. The blanket and pillow on the rocking chair were a gift from my 16 year old niece Renee. She took a sewing class in school and made the blanket and pillow with the sewing machine she got for Christmas. We're very impressed by her handy work. The shelves and dresser (dresser not pictured here) came in last week. Didn't get here in time for the baby shower or my family's visit, but we're very happy with the build quality. Various Mickey Shwag from Rachel's personal collection :-)

photos of baby rooms

photos of baby rooms

Levana Melody Digital Baby Monitor with Talk-To-Baby Intercom and Temperature Sensor (LV-TW200)

Introducing Melody; Levana's digital audio baby monitor. Listen to baby with the portable handheld monitor and soothe with your own voice from another room using the talk-to-baby intercom. These valuable features work in perfect harmony, giving you peace of mind in knowing that your child is safe from up to 2000ft away.Using digital technology, the baby unit broadcasts a secure signal that only you will be able to hear. The LCD screen shows the temperature of your child's room so that you can ensure that your baby is safe and comfortable. Many experts agree that ideal nursery temperature is between 61-68° F (16-20° C).Choose from three well-known lullabies – Londonderry Air, Minuet in G Major and Twinkle Twinkle - to soothe your child to sleep. A built-in night light provides additional comfort. When it's feeding time the programmable timer will help you keep baby on schedule.Use the built-in LED flashlight on the parent unit to navigate in the dark without interrupting your child. This feature is handy when you need to get something from the room while baby is sleeping or just settling. Feel free to take the system anywhere. An audible alert will let you know if your unit is too far from the baby's and connectivity has been lost. The parent unit has a rechargeable battery that can last up to 8 hours and comes with a convenient charging dock. Set-up is easy - just turn on the baby and parent unit and the system is ready to use. Now you are ready to get back to your day knowing baby is safe and sound with Melody.

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