Baby quilt squares. Good music for babies. Uniforme baby phat

Baby Quilt Squares

baby quilt squares

    baby quilt
  • small quilt made to fit easily in a crib or stroller, usually with fabrics and designs appropriate for babies

  • A plane figure with four equal straight sides and four right angles

  • A thing having the shape or approximate shape of a cube

  • (square) the product of two equal terms; "nine is the second power of three"; "gravity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance"

  • A thing having such a shape or approximately such a shape

  • (square) having four equal sides and four right angles or forming a right angle; "a square peg in a round hole"; "a square corner"

  • make square; "Square the circle"; "square the wood with a file"

baby quilt squares - Dare to

Dare to Be Square Quilting: A Block-by-Block Guide to Making Patchwork and Quilts

Dare to Be Square Quilting: A Block-by-Block Guide to Making Patchwork and Quilts

“Boo Davis is a rock star! Dare to Be Square Quilting is the perfect patchwork primer for beginners and a refreshing review for experienced quilters. A must-have book for any quilt or craft library.” --Denyse Schmidt (author of Denyse Schmidt Quilts)

. . . My approach to quilting is an approach for true beginners. I don’t like triangles, circles, hexagons, diamonds, rhombuses, or any shape that makes measuring a chore. (Can we stop right here and ponder the word rhombus? Man, that word is hilarious.) In this book, every project is designed using only squares and rectangles. Why just squares and rectangles? Because straight seams are easy to stitch!

Craft a modern quilt with independent quilt-maker Boo Davis, whose fun, slightly quirky designs take quilts into new graphic territory. Using only simple shapes like rectangles and squares you’ll see robots, skulls, alarm clocks, and owls come to life as fabulous, full-size quilts. With 10 charming quilt patterns, and 15 eye-popping patchwork projects perfect for afternoon or weekend crafting, Dare to Be Square Quilting reinterprets quilt traditions such as basket weave, rail fence, and housetop designs in a bold new way. With advice on color and fabric selection, and an extensive how-to section on quilting, Davis teaches the fastest, simplest, and most reliable methods modern quilting has to offer.

Dare to make a quilt that’s funny, fabulous, and from the heart . . . Dare to be square!

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square in square baby quilt

square in square baby quilt

There was a meeting of my sewing group yesterday evening and I actually managed to finish two quilts (quite exceptional,as usually there is more talking going on than sewing..).
This is the square in square baby quilt, made following the tutorial from "Handmade by Alissa". I used an Ikea fabric for the back. Size of the quilt is 91 x 124cm (36"x 49"). Binding is an orange fabric with small white dots.

Charm Squares Baby Quilt Front

Charm Squares Baby Quilt Front

I used Oh Fransson's Charm Squares Baby Quilt Pattern. This was my first time doing semi-straight line quilting. I had trouble getting it to stay nice and flat without pulling. If you have suggestions I'd love to hear them. I tried increasing my stitch length, sewing slower, using my walking foot and reducing the pressure on the foot. Maybe just more practice.

baby quilt squares

baby quilt squares

Japanese Quilt Blocks to Mix and Match

Modern Japanese quilting blends Eastern and Western techniques to create quilts of extraordinary style and beauty. Using designs borrowed from a rich decorative arts heritage, and often incorporating traditional kimono fabrics, Japanese quilters have developed a distinctive style based on unusual motifs and striking color combinations. With Japanese Quilted Blocks to Mix and Match, any quilter can create exquisite and unique works of patchwork art in the Japanese tradition.

The book presents more than 125 different block patterns, each with complete instructions and a color photograph, representing a variety of pattern sources: kamon (family crests), Hakone yosegi (parquetry) and traditional textiles, such as kasuri weave. Each 9-inch block includes a full cutting guide and fabric palette; suggestions for use, either mixing and matching or adapting to an all-over design; and icons indicating techniques and skill level. The blocks on each spread are related in design and technique.

In addition to the Block Directory, Japanese Quilted Blocks to Mix and Match features an Inspiration Gallery, showcasing examples of finished quilts from leading quilters. Using these examples, author Susan Briscoe explores such topics as color ideas from traditional Japanese textiles and quilts, motifs, and recommendations for combining fabric patterns and block designs. An extensive section on technique, as well as several pages about the fabrics themselves and a listing of suppliers and organizations make this volume as practical and informative as it is beautiful.

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