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What Does My Baby Look Like During Pregnancy

what does my baby look like during pregnancy

  • The condition or period of being pregnant

  • A case or situation of being pregnant

  • (pregnant) carrying developing offspring within the body or being about to produce new life

  • (pregnant) meaning(a): rich in significance or implication; "a meaning look"

  • the state of being pregnant; the period from conception to birth when a woman carries a developing fetus in her uterus



Too often we keep seeing idiots ask "Why couldn't anyone have babies on the island?"

Aaron was born on the island, as well as Ethan, Jacob and Jacob's brother.

Anyone could have a baby on the island, so long as conception took place off the island.

And as in Sun's case, where she did have conception on the island, it is ok so long as she gets off the island to give birth, which she did, and she ended up fine too.

The problem only exists when someone comes to the island, conceives on the island, and stays on the island after the second trimester of the pregnancy.

There are a few other situations that can exist, but first I need to explain the medical facts of what is happening, before I get into other scenarios.

We know the above is fact, from the following information taken from various episodes:


BEN: It was Sabine's choice to get pregnant. She knew she was taking a risk.
JULIET: I think it happens at conception. And if that's the case there's nothing I can do about it, at least not here.
BEN: I'm not sure I understand.
JULIET: The only way to see if I'm right is to take a woman off the Island, back to Miami.
BEN: No, you're not taking anybody off the Island.
JULIET: In that case, there's nothing more I can do.

JULIET: The problem occurs somewhere during the second trimester, when the mother's immune system is triggered. The white blood cell count plummets. It's like the... immune system turns on the fetus.
BEN: Any thought yet on a cause?
JULIET: Mm, it's really too early to tell, but only women who've conceived on the Island does it happen to.

JULIET: The mother's body turns on the pregnancy, treats it as a foreign invader.

JULIET: I'm gonna look at your baby and determine the date of conception. The ultrasound will tell me when you got pregnant give or take a day. If you got pregnant off the Island then you and your baby will probably be OK, but if you got pregnant here, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

JULIET: OK, you crashed here ninety days ago. The baby was conceived about eight weeks ago, so around fifty three days. You got pregnant on the Island. I'm sorry, I am so sorry Sun. I will do everything that I can...

JULIET: Ben, its six AM on Saturday morning. Kwon is pregnant, the fetus is healthy and was conceived on-Island with husband.


So the only question remaining, is why does the immune system treat a fetus conceived on island (to a mother that was born off the island) as a foreign invader, but not a fetus conceived off the island, when on the island.

This answer I will explain here.

It also ties in to why Ben's tumor and Jack's appendix could not be healed by the island, while Rose's cancer could.

Faraday discovered, and revealed to us, that the island has doors that can access the opposite polarity reality. He showed us that there are TWO ways to get to the island. Stay on the right bearing, and you will stay with your own people in your own reality, but come in a different way, and you are in a reality with an opposite polarity. (with your doubles)

We got introduced with the healing properties of "magnetic therapy" with Rose going to the healer in Australia, who tells her she can not be healed by this particular magnetic point, but that there are others that may be able to help her.

In magnetic therapy, there is a common belief that which pole or polarity of the magnet faces the body is important, for proper healing to take place.

When the Oceanic 815 flew through to the other reality, Rose, and most of the others on the plane, can be healed by the magnetic energy, as it is of opposite polarity of the reality they are from. Jin's sterility gets healed, John can walk again.

But Jack... He gets ill and Juliet has to perform an appendectomy on him. Because he was already FROM that reality, as we learned from his tatoo...

"He walks among us but is not one of us"

We knew BEFORE we ever saw Ben get switched as a boy at the Temple, that he was not from that side, when he had that tumor and was not healed by the magnetic energy of the island. Later, the incident with him being switched at the Temple as a boy after he gets shot, explained how and when he switched sides.

I am trying to condense some of my other theories here, because they all fit together, and without understanding them all, it will be hard to understand the pregnancy issue, because everything is related.

Faraday learns it is possible to send materials from one reality to the other with his rocket clock experiment. (see that photo and related theory elsewhere on this site)

Blowing off the core of the Jughead from the same reality would not have "negated" the energy at the Swan site, it would just have blown the hole even bigger causing even more catastrophe! But he probably figured, and tested that the Jughead was brought by the US military to the island in 1954 at a

How I got my Uber...

How I got my Uber...

Did you ever wonder what made Ubermummy Uber?

At which point did I actually become 'Ubermummy'?

Funnily enough it wasn't when I first became a mum. I was just your average mother, struggling and muddling along kind of making things up as I went. Just trying to do the best for my daughter with the little I knew...

I'll tell you the story (if you want to read it) of the week that changed my life forever and made me what I am today....

It started back in September 2006, I do believe I was getting married on the 23rd and wedding plans and preparing were taking over. It was tiring work to say the least.
And yeah I knew I was pregnant, it was pretty obvious to me even before I'd done the test as I'd been there once before.

Wedding was done and dusted, blah blah blah, yeah, whatever (....snoooooore......!) and it was the Monday after....
I sat on the loo and there it was, every woman's worst nightmare...blood...
I'd been here before a few times and it was the same sinking feeling that hit me. The same sobbing that started, and the same test's and shit that followed...

I called my midwife and told her what had happened, she told me to get a pregnancy test to see what the result was, so I did...Negative.

Anyone, mother or father, who's been here will know the absolute devastating feeling you get when you know you've lost you baby.
It's in my opinion one of the worst things people have to go through.

But anyway back to my story

So I went to my Dr on the Tuesday to see where we were going next. She wanted to be sure, so we did another test...Negative.

I think once it's confirmed like that, by someone who know what they are doing you kind of begin the whole grieving process.
So apparently there we have the denial, anger, bargaining, depression and then acceptance.... Who knows, I can't remember every single thought or emotion or process I went though during this time, but I do know, that by the time I was booked into the hospital (on the Friday...) I had accepted that I had lost my baby and whatever they were going to do to me there was going to happen and life would carry on as after that.
I had a baby who wasn't even 2 to look after and love, so there wasn't any other choice in the matter.

Life goes on.

In the hospital I remember (and I'm guessing I will till the day I die) it so clearly as if it were yesterday, they took me into a room to examine me.
I think the Dr was a little taken a back as my cervix was still in place. Not being a medical professional I didn't really know what this meant. But he decided to get me to do another test............Positive!


Dude I just spent the whole week coming to terms with the fact that I've lost my baby and now you're telling me that there may be a chance I haven't!
I know I was desperately trying not to get my hopes up. Who want to suddenly have a hope only to have it smashed and taken away leaving you back where you started, feeling that god awful devastating despair, and if you have ever been you have my sympathy....

So they decided to get me booked in for a ultrasound, you know just to check what was going on. Bearing in mind that this was in the morning, and the only ultra sound they could get me in for was in the early evening.
So I was sat kind of milling about places until the evening waiting to see what the hell was going on.
Desperately trying not to get my hopes up, but at the same time hoping and pray (and I don't do praying, but my god I was fucking on one this day!) that by some miracle and fuck up with pregnancy test there may have a mistake.

I finally, and it did seem like an eternity in limbo, went in for my ultrasound.

I remember, I couldn't look at the screen, because I couldn't stand to see what might be there...
I was holding on as tight as I could to John and crying.

The sonographer began her scan....
'Oh' she said....'there's 2 babies!'
'Are they all right?' I asked. I still couldn't look.....
'yes there are 2 heartbeats!'
(Translated I think that was something along the lines of 'ARE YOU FUCKING SHITTING ME!' )
and then I looked, and then I saw there were 2 babies....

It was time to up my game... ;D

And here we are today 27th March 2011. 4 years (and however many months) on from that point.

They said that the bleeding could have been me losing a 3rd baby, but no one will ever know I guess....Personally I reckon stuff like that doesn't even bear thinking about!

These pair of little feckers gave me my Uber!

Happy Birthday Lola and Zed :D

Mummy love's you more than you will ever know. xXxXxXxXxXxXx

what does my baby look like during pregnancy

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