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Babies Photo Contest

babies photo contest

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babies photo contest - The Donna

The Donna Reed Show: The Complete First Season

The Donna Reed Show: The Complete First Season

Donna Reed went from a distinguished film career to an even bigger career on Television as she starred in and co-produced The Donna Reed Show. This beloved and hugely successful sitcom premiered 50 years ago on the ABC network and aired from 1958-1966. The show revolves around housewife, Donna Stone, and her family--husband Alex who is a pediatrician, 14 year-old Mary, and 11 year-old Jeff. The Stone family reside in the midwestern town of Hilldale. Donna was the perfect American housewife and mother. She was always neatly-groomed, lovely, good-natured, thoughtful, and capable. The episodes involved the usual family problems and adventures, with Donna usually saving the day in her quiet, capable way.

84% (12)

KDSC 968 dp

KDSC 968 dp

baby kenway - monochrome shot in 2006 at home - edited for's photo contest 2009

Mother and Baby Rhinoceros (Judge's Choice-Zoo Babies, 2005 Buffalo Zoo Photo Contest)

Mother and Baby Rhinoceros (Judge's Choice-Zoo Babies, 2005 Buffalo Zoo Photo Contest)

©2007 Charles W. Hardin -- All Rights Reserved.

2005 Buffalo Zoo Photo Contest

babies photo contest

babies photo contest

My Pet Shop

From the people who brought you Cooking Mama! Raise, train, and care for pets as you manage your own pet shop. Adventure into the wilderness in search of rare and unusual pets like pandas and penguins. Play minigames with your pets, and enter them in contests and competitions. Over 40 types of animals, with over 126 color and pattern variations to collect!

Whether you have always wanted a dog or cat, or dreamed of a taking care of a rabbit, fox or other more exotic animal, the virtual pet sim action of My Pet Shop is a cute and easy way for children of all ages playing on the Nintendo DS to live out their animal care fantasies. Capture, train and trade over 40 different animals from a variety of domestic and wild species as you and your virtual mother help the people of Green Town discover the fun and responsibility of owning a pet in My Pet Shop.
'My Pet Shop' game logo

Task screen in 'My Pet Shop'

Take on pet shop duties.
View larger.
Penguin scrubbing mini-game in 'My Pet Shop'

Enjoy pet mini-games.
View larger.
A Snowy winter environment in 'My Pet Shop'

Find pets in game environments.
View larger.
Pet training tricks in 'My Pet Shop'

Train all your pets.
View larger.
The Story
In My Pet Shop players have just moved from the hustle and bustle of the big city to the quiet village of Green Town. Here although surrounded by nature and large numbers of domestic and wild animals, surprisingly few of the people of Green Town have pets, but your Mother is determined to change this by opening a pet store. You help your her to run the pet shop on all levels and in the process not only learn to care for all kinds of animals, but also become friends with the other kids in town as they experience the joy of pet ownership.
In My Pet Shop players can collect over 40 lovable and unusual breeds of pets. With so many oh-so cute animals available, choosing is the hardest part. Here are just a few of the animals featured. Dog from 'My Pet Shop' Dogs
There are over 15 breeds of dogs to play with. From poodles and beagles to pugs and retrievers, puppy power is guaranteed.
Cat from 'My Pet Shop' Cats
With over 10 of the cutest breeds ever, including the Russian Blue and the Siamese, you are sure to find your puuuurfect pussycat.
Bunny from 'My Pet Shop' Bunnies
Bunnies are tennie tiny bundles of fun, especially the super sweet pink ones.
Brown bear from 'My Pet Shop' Brown Bears
Brown bears can be found in the more wild parts of town and are always hungry and love to learn new tricks.
Pig from 'My Pet Shop' Pigs
Smarter than you might think, pigs are no longer just the 'other white.' They make the perfect playmates, especially at bathtime.
a fox from 'My Pet Shop' Foxes
Foxes may be cheeky, but they are oh sooo cuddly and cute too, that is if you can catch them.

A virtual pet simulation, play in My Pet Shop is a mix of duties assigned to you at the pet shop by your mother and a search for pets hidden throughout the environments of Green Town. All action occurs during the day, at the end of which you are sent to bed. During active play time you must balance your assigned duties with any help you choose to provide to pet owners, like bathing, walking and training animals. Work done both for your mother and townspeople earns you money which can be used in-game to buy accessories and other items for your own pets. When venturing out of the shop, pets and other items hidden throughout the various areas of the game can be uncovered with the use of the DS Stylus. Once pets are discovered, approaching them carefully and picking them up gently gains their trust allowing players to take take them back to the pet shop. Here they can be cared for through several mini-games and if the player chooses, eventually given away to in-game characters or to fellow My Pet Shop players via a Nintendo Wi-Fi connection. As the game progresses players can also enter their pets in competitions including races, feats of strength and 'cuteness contests.'
Key Features:
Catch over 40 different animals, ranging from golden retrievers and calico cats to pandas and penguins. There may even be some rare breeds with different patterns and coloring hiding in the forest.
Care for and interact with your pets using the simple, user-friendly stylus and Touch Screen functionality to strengthen your bond with them.
Collect items and save your allowance to shop in town and buy cute outfits for your pets.
Play mini-games like races, obstacle courses and photo contests with your pets to show them off and gain new accessories.
Connect with friends via local wireless connection to trade pets and items.

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